Jul 21, 2022 | 2022 Awards


Favorite Radio Station FM
WZEW, 92.1

Favorite Radio Station AM
Archangel Radio 1410

Best Local DJ
Shelby Mitchell, WKSJ, 94.9

Best DJ Team
Bill & Shelby, WKSJ, 94.9

Best Morning Show/DJ
“Mobile Mornings,” Dalton Orwig & Dan Brennan

Best Talk Radio Host/Show
“Midday Mobile,” Sean Sullivan

Best DJ Voice
DJ Blayze, WBLX

Best Sports Radio Host/Show
“Opening Kickoff,” Mark Heim & Lee Shirvanian, WNSP 105.5

Best Overall Radio Personality
Uncle Henry, “The Uncle Henry Show”

Best Local Evening TV Newscast

Best Local Morning TV Newscast

Best Anchor
Devon Walsh, WKRG

Best Meteorologist
Alan Sealls, WPMI

Best TV Investigative Reporter
Andrea Ramey, WPMI

Best Sports Coverage

Best Weekend TV News Team

Favorite Lagniappe Reporter
Tommy Hicks, Sports Editor

Favorite Lagniappe Columnist
Andy MacDonald, “The Dish”

Favorite Lagniappe Cover Story
“More than a Dress” (History of the Azalea Trail Maids) by Scott Johnson

Favorite Lagniappe Cover Image
“A Beat of His Own” by Shane Rice

Favorite Local Content Creator
JD Crowe,

Favorite Magazine
Mobile Bay Magazine

Favorite Local Website/Blog
Mobile Mask

Best Local Podcast
“All Things Mobile,” The Mobile Alabama Business Podcast by Blue Fish

Best Local TV ad
David J. Maloney

Best Local Social Media Influencer
Ophelia Nichols, “Mama Tot”

Best Website Developer
Southern View Media

Best Marketing/Events Company
Oyster Shell Strategy

Best Videographer/Video Company
Motivation Media