It’s Nappie Time 2020!


While it seems strange to be talking about the 2020 Nappie Awards at all, considering the circumstances, many of you have inquired about the status, so we wanted to give you an update.

Voting in the nomination period ended on April 5. We are now busy tabulating the Top 6 finalists in each category.

The finals were originally slated to begin on May 6 and run through May 31. We are not sure yet, but we may have to push these dates back to late May or June. We just don’t know. Right now, like everything else in this world, the situation is very fluid. But we will reassess over the next few weeks to see where we are on things and keep posting updates.

Please stay tuned to this site, the print issue, our social media pages and for more updates.

Above all, stay safe and well. Like everyone else, we look forward to a brighter day – a day when we are all back down at the Saenger celebrating the local businesses who make our community so special and unique, the very ones who have been hit hardest by this.


If people spelled my name or my business’s name incorrectly or in a variety of different ways, will they all still be counted?
Yes. Though the system may suggest the way another voter spelled their answer — and that spelling may even be incorrect — it is programmed to catch such spelling inconsistencies. They are all combined on the back end. Every vote does count.

How will voting work in the finals?
Voting is ONCE PER DAY per registered email address in the finals.

When will I be notified if I am a finalist?
We will not start making notifications until we have officially announced the dates for the finals.