The battle was fierce but you came out on top! Here’s the skinny on the ceremony!

Awards Ceremony Procedure

We try to make the ceremony go as quickly and smoothly as possible, while still letting everyone get their moment on the stage. But there are still a lot of categories (even after cutting 21 this year!). And, obviously, everyone can’t go first. (The order is listed below.)

So if you know you are going to be unable to attend OR if you want to just come to the party but you don’t really care about walking up on stage, please email Jackie at by July 18, so we can remove your category from the ceremony line-up. We will deliver your banner and certificate to you the following week, if you choose this option. We will update the ceremony line-up on this page on July 19.

For those of you who wish to come on stage, we will be providing live updates of what group we are on via our social media channels. The bar will be open the entire time as you await your turn. But we do ask that once we get close to your category that you go ahead and line up on stage left and be ready to walk up as soon as your category is called, as we will move on if you are not there. When accepting your award you are welcome to make a few comments but please be brief and considerate of all of the remaining winners who are waiting. Like Shakespeare said, “brevity is the soul of wit.”

If you won multiple categories, they will all be given together when you come up on stage. Only one category may be listed below, but we will be calling out your other wins as well.

Giving Back

Mobile Police Officer Justin Billa was tragically killed in the line of duty on February 20, 2018. He was voted as Best Mobile Police Officer in the 2018 Nappie Awards with a record number of votes. His wife Erin will be accepting his award on his behalf. In addition to this award, we also want to send her home with a HUGE amount of money for the Justin Billa Memorial Foundation, so we are asking all of our winners and party attendees to bring a donation (whatever you feel comfortable with, but the bigger the better!) to our event. Lagniappe will be making a sizable donation that evening as well.  We will have a table in the lobby during the cocktail hour so you can donate there. Or if your business would like to announce your donation, we will have a place on the stage where you can securely place your check.

Nappie Award Ceremony 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

Saenger Theatre 6 S. Joachim St. Mobile, AL 36602

5:30 p.m. Doors Open

Cocktails & Hor d’oeuvres in Saenger arcade/lobbby

7 p.m. Opening production/comments

7:15 p.m. Awards begin


Politicos, Media, City Life


  1. Hardest Working Mobile City Councilperson
  2. Hardest Working Elected Official – Mobile County
  3. Hardest Working Elected Official- Eastern Shore
  4. Hardest Working Elected Official – Baldwin County
  5. Hardest Working Local State Legislator
  6. Hardest Working Official – City Of Mobile (Elected or Appointed)
  7. Best Mobile Police Officer

MEDIA (7:25 p.m. – 7:50 p.m.)

  1. Favorite Radio Station FM
  2. Favorite Radio Station AM
  3. Best Talk Radio Host/Show
  4. Best Local DJ
  5. Best DJ Team
  6. Best Morning Show/DJ
  7. DJ Whose Voice Leads you to Believe you may want to see HER naked
  8. DJ Whose Voice Leads you to Believe you may want to see HIM naked
  9. Best Sports Radio Host/Show
  10. Best Local Evening TV Newscast
  11. Best Meteorologist
  12. Best Sports Coverage
  13. Hottest Local TV Newswoman
  14. Best Local Morning TV Newscast
  15. Best Anchor
  16. Hottest Local TV Newsman
  17. Best TV Investigative Reporter
  18. Best Weekend TV News Team
  19. Favorite Lagniappe Writer
  20. Favorite Lagniappe Cover Story
  21. Favorite Lagniappe Cover Image
  22. Favorite content creator
  23. Favorite Glossy Magazine
  24. Favorite Local Website or Blog
  25. Best Local TV ad
  26. Best Website Developer
  27. Best Marketing/Events Company

CITY LIFE (7:50 p.m. – 8:05 p.m.)

  1. Best Mobilian Ever
  2. Best Mardi Gras Marching Society
  3. Best Mobilian Right Now
  4. Quintessential Mobilian
  5. Coolest Neighborhood
  6. Best Mobile Firefighter
  7. Best Annual Fundraising Event
  8. Best Hotel
  9. Best Day Spa
  10. Best Private School
  11. Best High School Marching Band
  12. Best Mardi Gras Parading Society
  13. Best Mardi Gras Ball
  14. Coolest Church or House of Worship
  15. Best Clergyman/Pastor/Spiritual Leader
  16. Best Place to take out-of-towners (Attraction)
  17. Best Place to take out-of-towners (Restaurant)
  18. Coolest Apartment Community
  19. Best Local Company to Work For


Kids, Arts and Music

KIDS (8:05 pm – 8:15 p.m.)

  1. Best Kids’ Clothing Store
  2. Best Kids’ Clothing Consignment Store/Sale
  3. Best Summer Camp
  4. Best Daycare/Mother’s Day Out
  5. Best Pre-school
  6. Best Birthday Party Place
  7. Most Kid Friendly Neighborhood
  8. Best Kid-Friendly Local Attraction
  9. Best Dance Studio
  10. Best Pediatric Dentist
  11. Best Orthodontist
  12. Best Pediatrician
  13. Best Kid Photographer
  14. Best Public School
  15. Coolest Elementary School Teacher
  16. Coolest Middle School Teacher
  17. Coolest High School Teacher

ARTS (8:15 – 8:25 p.m.)

  1. Best Local Painter
  2. Best Local Sculptor
  3. Best Local Graphic Design Artist
  4. Best Mixed Media Artist
  5. Best Art Gallery
  6. Best Museum
  7. Best Theatre Group
  8. Best Play or Performance of the Year
  9. Best Local Actor
  10. Best Theatrical Singer
  11. Best Dancer
  12. Best Arts Event

MUSIC 8:25 – 8:35 p.m.

  1. Best Local Band
  2. Best New Local Band
  3. Best Country Band/Performer
  4. Best Metal/Underground Band
  5. Best Blues Band/Artist
  6. Best Club to See Live Music AND Best All Around Bar
  7. Best Outdoor Bar to See Live Music
  8. Best Venue to See Live Music (Non-bar)
  9. Best Solo Musician
  10. Best Jazz Musician
  11. Best Hip Hop Artist
  12. Best Music/Record Store
  13. Best Local Recording Studio
  14. Best Guitar Player
  15. Best Area Singer/Voice
  16. Best Area Drummer
  17. Best Area Bassist
  18. Best Piano Player/Keyboardist
  19. Best Drag Queen Performer
  20. Best DJ (Mixin’, mashin’up kind)
  21. Best Area Music Festival

Group Three (8:35 – 9:05 p.m.)


  1. Mobile Bay’s Best Doctor
  2. Mobile Bay’s Best Specialist (MD)
  3. Best Hooha Doctor
  4. Best Boob Doc
  5. Best Facelift Doc
  6. Best Dermatologist
  7. Best Weight Loss Doc
  8. Best “Doc in the Box” Clinic
  9. Best Back Cracker (Chiropractor)
  10. Best Dentist
  11. Best Salon – Mobile
  12. Best Salon- Baldwin
  13. Best Overall Stylist – Mobile
  14. Best Overall Stylist – Baldwin
  15. Best Colorist
  16. Scissor Wizard (Best Haircut-ter)
  17. Best Barber
  18. Best Makeup Artist
  19. Best Hooha Waxer
  20. Best Place to get Mani/Pedi
  21. Best Esthetician
  22. Best Tanning Salon
  23. Best Massage Therapist
  24. Best Fitness Facility
  25. Best Personal Trainer
  26. Best Veterinarian
  27. Best Pet Groomer
  28. Best Pet Store
  29. Best Florist
  30. Best Photography Studio
  31. Best Yoga Studio
  32. Best Carwash/Detail
  33. Best Lawyer if your spouse is a ho (Divorce)
  34. Best Lawyer to keep you out of prison (Criminal)
  35. Best Lawyer to sue the pants off someone (Trial)
  36. Best Real Estate Firm
  37. Best Realtor
  38. Best Insurance Agent or Agency
  39. Best Bank or Credit Union
  40. Best Mortgage Broker/Firm
  41. Best Investment Banker/Financial Planner
  42. Best Car Dealership
  43. Best CPA
  44. Best Landscaper
  45. Best Contractor/Homebuilder
  46. Best Interior Designer
  47. Best Home Furnishings Store
  48. Best Furniture Consignment Shop
  49. Best Antique Store
  50. Best Men’s Clothing Store
  51. Best Lingerie/Naughty Shop
  52. Best Women’s Boutique
  53. Best Clothing Consignment Store
  54. Best Department Store
  55. Best Place to get Mardi Gras Attire
  56. Best Fine Jewelry
  57. Best Dry Cleaners
  58. Best Home Cleaning Service
  59. Best Outdoors Store
  60. Best Local Pharmacy
  61. Best Shoe Store – Athletic
  62. Best Shoe Store – Ladies
  63. Best Gift Shop
  64.  Best Hardware Store
  65. Best Pest Control
  66. Best Vape Shop


Eats & Drinks, Nightlife (9:05 – 9:45 p.m.)

EATS AND DRINKS (9:05 – 9:30)

  1. Best Overall Restaurant
  2. Best New Restaurant
  3. Best Eastern Shore Restaurant
  4. Best Eastern Shore Lunch Spot
  5. Best Beach Restauran
  6. Best Chef
  7. Most Innovative Menu
  8. Best Appetizer
  9. Best Entrée in Mobile
  10. Best Home Cookin’/Soul Food
  11. Best Service Overall
  12. Best Dessert
  13. Best Server
  14. Best MiMo Bar
  15. Best Wine Bar
  16. Best Wing
  17. Best Chicken Fingers
  18. Best Ice Cream/Yogurt/Gelato
  19. Best Lunch Spot & Best Hangover Food
  20. Best Wine/Gourmet Shop or Grocery
  21. Best Wine Selection – Retail
  22. Best WeMo Bar
  23. Hottest Bartender
  24. Best Annual Food Event or Cook-off
  25. Best Food Truck
  26. Best Gumbo
  27. Best Sports Bar
  28. Best Po Boy
  29. Best Sushi
  30. Best Bakery
  31. Best Caterer
  32. Best Burger
  33. Best Bartenderess
  34. Best Seafood
  35. Best Brunch & Best Bloody Mary
  36. Best Ethnic Restaurant
  37. Best Mexican Restaurant
  38. Best Italian Restaurant
  39. Best Pizza
  40. Best Coffeehouse
  41. Best Eastern Shore Coffeehouse
  42. Best Local Grocery Store
  43. Best Grocery Chain
  44. Best Place to get Local Produce/Foods- Mobile
  45. Best Place to get Local Produce/Foods – Baldwin
  46. Best Barbecue Restaurant
  47. Best Barbecue Sauce
  48. Best Ribs
  49. Best Raw Oysters
  50. Best Cupcake
  51. Best Seafood Market

NIGHTLIFE (9:30-9:45)

  1. Best Bartender
  2. Best Fancy Drink Bar
  3. Hottest Bartenderess
  4. Best New Bar
  5. Best Dive Bar
  6. Best E-Sho Bar
  7. Best LoDa Bar
  8. Best SoMo Bar
  9. Best Waterfront Bar
  10. Bar where you are most likely to get lucky
  11. Favorite Craft Beer
  12. Favorite Import Beer
  13. Favorite Domestic Beer
  14. Best Locally Brewed Beer
  15. Bar with Best Tap beer Selection
  16. Favorite Casino
  17. Best Margarita
  18. Best Specialty Cocktail
  19. Best Bar Trivia
  20. Best Gentleman’s Club


9:45 p.m. Closing Comments, Official After-Party Moe’s BBQ