Best All Around Bar
: O’Daly’s
Best Bartender
: Jacob Merritt at The Garage
Hottest Bartenderess
: Fifi Gill at Kitchen on George
Hottest Bartender:
 Josh Giraldo at O’Daly’s
Best Dive
: Hayley’s
Best New Bar
: Firehouse Wine Bar
Best ESho Bar
: McSharry’s
Best WeMo Bar: 
Crooked Martini
Best MiMo Bar: 
Butch Cassidy’s
Best LoDa Bar: OK Bike Shop
Best SoMo Bar: 
Zebra Lounge
Best Beach Bar
: Flora-Bama
Favorite Casino: 
Hard Rock
Favorite Craft Beer: 
Fairhope Everyday Ale
Favorite Imported beer
: Heineken
Favorite Hard Hat Beer: 
Bud Light
Best Alternative Lifestyle: Bar
Best Bar Bathroom: 
OK Bike Shop
The Bar Bathroom Most Likely to be Replicated in Hell
: Hayley’s
Best After-hours Bar: 
Best Happy Hour Bar
: Kitchen on George
Best Eastern Shore Happy Hour: 
California Dreaming
Best Sports Bar: 
Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Get Lucky: 
Boo Radley’s
Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Pick Up a Cougar: 
Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Pick up a Sugar Daddy: 
The Candy Store
Best Jukebox: 
Best Place to Shake Your Booty
: Studio 5’4”
Best Beer Selection: 
LoDa Bier Garten
Best Wine Selection: 
Red or White
Best Crawfish Bar: 
Boo Radley’s
Best Place to Get a Fancy Drink
: The Haberdasher
Best Margarita
: Fuego
Best Bloody Mary: 
Café 615
The Perfect Martini Kitchen on George


Best Hairstylist: 
Tammy Walker at Reflections
Best Make-up Artist
: Jessica Price
Best Day Spa: 
The Porehouse
Best HooHa Waxer: 
Leah Jeffreys at The Porehouse
Best Place to Get a Mani/Pedi
: Studio PH
Best Hoo-Ha Doctor: 
Dr. Brittney Laughlin at Women’s Health Alliance
Best Boob Doc
: Dr. Chris Park at The Park Clinic
Best Facelift Doc
: Dr. Stephen Martin at The Martin Center
Best Dermatologist
: Dr. Roberta Swain at Mobile Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology
Best Weight Loss Doc
: Dr. James Jardine at Mobile
Medi-Weight Loss
Best Gym
: SportPlex
Best Dentist: 
Dr. Tommy Johnson
Best “Doc In the Box” Clinic
: Greater Mobile Urgent Care
Best Veterinarian: 
Dr. Mary Katherine Cross at Old Shell Animal Hospital
Best Pet Groomer: 
Lola Bell’s
Best Massage Therapist: 
Lauren Rose
Best Florist
: Elizabeth’s Garden
Mechanic/ Auto Repair Shop (where you don’t feel violated afterwards): 
Griffith Service Station
Best Carwash/Detail: 
Best Lawyer if your Spouse is a Ho (divorce)
: Claude Boone
Best Lawyer to keep you from becoming someone’s bitch (Criminal):
 Jeff Deen
Best “Slip and Fall” Lawyer(s)
: David J. Maloney
Best Yoga Studio/Instructor
: Teddy Ward
Best Wedding Photographer
: Jeff Tesney Photography
Best Personal Trainer
: Josh Foster – Sportplex
Best Realtor
: Sam Winter with Sam Winter & Co.
Best Car Dealer:
 Joe Bullard
Best CPA: 
Paul Jernigan
Best Landscaper
: Spring Hill Landscape
Best Caterer
: Bay Gourmet
Best Gentleman’s Club
: The Candy Store
Best Place to hold a reception/special event
: Bragg Mitchell
Best Mobilian Ever
: Joe Cain
Best Mobilian Right Now
: Clayton Allen (Mobile Fire Department Paramedic)
Best Golf Course
: Magnolia Grove
Coolest Neighborhood (Mobile): 
Oakleigh Garden District
Coolest Neighborhood (E Sho)
: Fruit and Nut District – Fairhope
Coolest Up-and-Coming Hood (Mobile)
: Downtown Mobile
Coolest Up and Coming Hood (ESho)
: Historic Malbis
Best Annual Event
: Mardi Gras
Most Eligible Bachelor: 
Gossip Greg – WABD
Most Eligible Bachelorette: 
Katie Barfield
Best Place to take Out-of-Towners
– Restaurant: 
Best Place to take Out-of-Towners – Local Attraction
: USS Alabama
Best Place to Antique: 
Antiques at the Loop
Hippest/Trendiest Clothing Store (Men)
: Metzgers
Hippest/Trendiest Clothing Store (Ladies)
: Lunatix
Best Fine Jewelry: 
Claude Moore
Best Dry Cleaners: 
Best Home Cleaning Service
: The Maids
Best Little Shop to Pick up a Gift
: M. A. Simons
Best Furniture Consignment Store
: High Cotton
Best Clothing Consignment Store: 
Best Lingerie/Naughty Store: 
The Gift Spot
Best Local Home Furnishings Store
: Room Service
Best Local Four Year College
: University of South Alabama
Best Local Non-Traditional College
: Blue Cliff College
Best Vape Shop
: Want 2 Vape
Best Bank/Credit Union
: Regions


Best Kids’ Clothing Store – New: The Holiday
Best Kids’ Consignment Store
: Kids’ Wearhouse
Best Kids’ Room Furnishings
: Polka Tot Designs
Best Summer Camp
: Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Best Nursery School
: St. Paul’s Early Education Center
Most Kid-Friendly Restaurant
: Moe’s Southwestern Grill
Best Birthday Party Place
: House of Bounce)
Best Park/Playground: 
Lavretta Park
Best Pediatrician: 
Dr. Michael Strickland
Best Kid Dentist
: Dr. E. Gaines Thomas
Best Kid Photographer
: Laura Cantrell


Best Club to See Live Music
: Callaghan’s
Best Outdoor Bar to See Live Music
: Blue Gill
Best Non-Bar Venue
: Saenger Theatre
Best Local Band: 
Ben Jernigan Band
Best New Local Band
: The Mulligan Brothers
Best Band Name
: Sonny Bama
Best Solo Musician
: Eric Erdman
Best Guitar Player
: Ben Jernigan
Best Area Singer: 
Holli Mosley
Best Area Drummer
: Chad Sutley
Best Area Bassist
: Ben Leininger
Best Area Piano Player
: Chris Spies
Best Drag Queen Performer
: Jawaketema Davenport
Best DJ (not radio, the record scratchin’/ mash-uppin’ kind): 
DJ Hunter Clarke


Best Local Artist
: Sarah Haas Otts
Best Art Gallery
: Ashland Gallery
Best Museum
: Mobile Museum of Art
Best Theatre Group: 
Best Play or Performance of the year
: Legally Blonde
Best Local Actor
: Brandon M. Caten


Best Locally Owned Restaurant
: NoJa
Best New Restaurant (Fine Dining): 
The Noble South
Best New Restaurant (Casual)
: Lap’s
Best Chain Restaurant
: Bonefish
Best Beach Restaurant: 
Best Eastern Shore Restaurant
: The Wash House
Best Chef
: Carl Tilley at Kitchen on George
Best Server
: Ashley Welborn at R&R
Best Atmosphere
: The Bull
Best First Date Place
: Kitchen on George
Best Cheap Date Place
: Dew Drop Inn
Most Underrated Restaurant
: Benjamin’s
Most Innovative Menu
: The Noble South
Best Outdoor Dining
: Lap’s
Best Sweet Tea
: Heroes
Best Biscuits
: Dick Russell’s
Best Home Cookin’/Soul Food
: Stagecoach Cafe
Best Service
: Felix’s
Best Dessert
: Delish’s Desserts
Best Restaurant Wine List
: Kitchen on George
Best Wings
: Butch Cassidy’s
Best Chicken Fingers
: Foosackly’s
Best Ice Cream/Yogurt/Gelato: 
Best Lunch Spot
: Panini Pete’s
Beast Eastern Shore Lunch Spot
: Guido’s
Best Ice: 
Best Wine/Gourmet Shop: 
Red or White
Best Annual Food Event
: American Cancer Society Chili Cook-off
Best Gumbo: 
Best Po Boy
: Geaux Boy
Best Sushi
: Liquid Sushi Lounge
Best Bakery
: Flour Girls
Best Burger
: Callaghan’s
Best Steak
: Ruth’s Chris
Best Seafood
: Tin Top
Best Brunch: 
Café 615
Best Ethnic Food: 
Yak the Katmandu Kitchen
Best Mexican
: Fuego
Best Italian Restaurant
: Mirko
Best Pizza
: Buck’s Pizza
Best Coffeehouse
: Serda’s
Best Eastern Shore Coffeehouse
: Coffee Loft
Best Grocery Store
: Rouse’s
Best Place to get local produce/foods- Mobile
: Old Shell Road Market
Best Place to get local produce/foods- Baldwin
: Allegri
Best BBQ: 
Moe’s BBQ
Best Cupcake
: Gigi’s
Best Seafood Market: 
Southern Fish and Oyster
Best Drunk Food
: Heroes
Best Hangover Food
: Foosackly’s



Favorite Radio Station
: WZEW 92.1
Best Local DJ: 
Q-Tip – WABD
Best DJ/Radio Show team: 
Dan and Shelby – WKSJ
Best Morning Show/DJ
: Dan and Shelby – WKSJ
DJ Whose Voice Leads you to believe you may want to see HIM naked: 
Nick Fox – WABD
DJ Whose Voice Leads you to believe you may want to see HER naked
: Shelby Mitchell – WKSJ
Best Talk Radio Host
: Uncle Henry
Best Sports Radio Show
: Talking Football WNSP
Best Local Evening Newscast
: FOX 10
Best Local Morning Newscast
Best Anchor
: Mel Showers – WKRG
Best Meteorologist
: Alan Sealls – WKRG
Best Investigative Reporter
: Andrea Ramey – WPMI
Best Sports Coverage
Randy Patrick – WKRG
Sexiest Local TV Newsman
: Michael White – FOX 10
Sexiest Local TV Newswoman
: Chasity Byrd – FOX 10)


Favorite Lagniappe Columnist
: The Dish by Andy MacDonald
Favorite Lagniappe Cover Story
: Heart to Heart by Casandra Andrews
Favorite Lagniappe Cover
: Heart to Heart by Dan Anderson, photographer
Favorite “content creator”
: Sally Ericson
Favorite Glossy Magazine
: Mobile Bay Monthly
Best Local Website or Blog
: Mod Mobilian


Hardest Working Elected Official – city of Mobile
: Mayor Sandy Stimpson
Hardest Working Elected Official – Mobile County:
 Sheriff Sam Cochran
Hardest Working Elected Official ( Baldwin – county or city)
: Sheriff Hoss Mack
Issue You Are Most Tired of Hearing About (Mobile): 
MAWSS Board controversy with Sam Jones and Fred Richardson
Issue You Are Most Tired of Hearing About (Baldwin): 
What year will the I-10 bridge be completed?
: Never